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The importance of water across many disciplines of science and engineering cannot be overstated. The goal of the initiative MaxWater is to develop a molecular-level understanding of complex aqueous systems, with the final aim to predict and engineer the behavior and macroscopic properties in these systems. This initiative aims to substantially accelerate the research required to tackle crucial challenges in this important field, by combining techniques and expertise currently scattered across different disciplines.

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How water surfaces can be used to produce functional materials

On September 23rd/24th 2021, Mischa Bonn held the opening lecture of the 6th Max Planck Alumni Symposium entitled "Water, more expensive than gold". Additionally, he participated in an interdisciplinary panel discussion with lawyers and geochemists.

Water as metal

August 03, 2021
Under normal conditions, pure water is almost an electrical insulator. Water would only become metallic under extreme pressures, such as found in the interior of very large planets or stars. Now an international collaboration has succeeded to create a metallic state of water using a completely different approach.


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