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The importance of water across many disciplines of science and engineering cannot be overstated. The goal of the initiative MaxWater is to develop a molecular-level understanding of complex aqueous systems, with the final aim to predict and engineer the behavior and macroscopic properties in these systems. This initiative aims to substantially accelerate the research required to tackle crucial challenges in this important field, by combining techniques and expertise currently scattered across different disciplines.

MaxWater News

"Cool" Bacteria

November 10, 2020

New insights into a mechanism that reduces the ice formation ability of bacterial ice-nucleating proteins in an acidic environment.

When ions rattle their cage

April 06, 2020

How the investigation of ion oscillations can lead to better batteries

Solvay Conference on Chemistry

October 19, 2019

Mischa Bonn attended the invitation-only 2019 Solvay Conference on Chemistry “Computational Modeling: From Chemistry to Materials to Biology", where he contributed to the session on "Models and Experimental Data on Water Dynamic Complexity of Solid/Liquid Interfaces". This prestigious conference series take place in Brussels, and were founded by the Belgian industrialist Ernest Solvay in 1912. In addition, Mischa Bonn and Yuki Nagata write an invited article for the Proceedings of the 25th Solvay Conference in Chemistry, entitled: "Water at Interfaces: Where Theory Needs to Meet Experiment".


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