Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

09/85 - 08/89

physics graduate studies at the Technical University Berlin

09/89 - 08/91

physics graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Master of Science


Master thesis: “Frustration in Magnetic, Liquid Crystal, and Surface Systems: Monte Carlo Mean-Field Theory”


advisor: Prof. Dr. A. N. Berker


Diploma in physics


Diploma thesis: “Liquid Crystals"


advisor: Prof. Dr. S. Hess

10/91 - 03/94

doctoral studies at the IFF, research center Jülich


Ph.D. in physics


Ph.D. thesis: “Membrane Stacks and String Bundles”


advisor: Prof. Dr. R. Lipowsky


Habilitation at the University of Potsdam


Habilitation thesis: “Field-Theoretic Approaches to Classical Charged Systems”

02/02 - 09/04

Associate Professor for Theoretical Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich

10/04 - 04/11

Full Professor for Theoretical Physics at the Technical University Munich

since 05/11

Full Professor for Theoretical Physics at the Free University Berlin

Post-doctoral experience

03/92 - 05/92

Visiting Scholar at the Center for Condensed Matter Theory,Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

04/94 - 09/94

Post-Doc at the School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv

10/94 - 12/94

Post-Doc at the Materials Department, University of California, Santa Barbara

01/95 - 09/96

Post-Doc at the University of Washington, Seattle

10/96 - 12/96

Post-Doc at the Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg

01/97 - 03/97

Post-Doc at the Service de Physique Theorique, Saclay, Paris

Research topics

Our research addresses the theoretical description of bio soft matter physics. The current research projects include the investigation of biopolymers, especially polymer elasticity, biopolymers at the water/solid interface and the statics and dynamics of charged polymers. Furthermore, we deal with non-equilibrium systems, microhydrodynamics and the structure of water at interfaces.

Selected prizes

Gay-Lussac-Humboldt-Prize 2010 for his work on soft matter in theoretical physics

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